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My Well Water Journey


 Teena's Story

8 years ago, I took the plunge, bought land, and drilled a well. At 120 feet deep, we hit gobs of water, but there was a catch—it was cloudy, reddish, and stinky. 😬


The bad well water pushed me into an adventure I never saw coming. I mean, who expects their water to look like a rusty science experiment, right? 🔬


I turned to the 'well guys' for help, but all they suggested was running the hose for days - a real 'drippy' solution!


Then, they pulled out the big guns, or should I say, socks. They covered the inlet of the submersed pump with a SOCK!

Shockingly, the sock didn't solve the mystery either. 🧦😅


I needed answers, and I needed them yesterday!


Just look at the picture of the iron filter below. I installed it, and in 3 days, my house had zero water pressure because it got gummed up with junk and rust! 🙈

red rust iron filter

So, I turned to Dr. Google, made a zillion calls, begged, and asked anyone who'd listen for advice. 💻📞🆘

My eyes nearly did a 360-degree spin when I got the price quote from the 'water expert.' I asked the burning question, 'You're going to remove the rust, right?' Oh no, he replied, it's for a fantastic water softener. Get ready for super-soft water!

 ⇉ That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands.

My DIY journey began, and now, today, I have a Patent Pending Well Water Filter that's a real game-changer, and it costs up to $10,000 LESS than those pricey commercial systems. 💰

Imagine all the things you could do with those savings—fix your car, plan a vacation, or even build that dream barn addition you've been fantasizing about!

And to make things even better, I've created an online course that'll walk you through every step from “Going Shopping” to “Maintenance” when building your own well water filter, that’ll save you up to $10,000!

Ready to transform your water quality and your life? Click the links below to dive into info that will prepart you to start your journey to crystal-clear well water! 

Thank you for being part of my well-water adventure! 




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